Customer Service Expert Dawn Mushill Offers Classes to Teach Employees How to Meet and Exceed the Expecations of Customers 


Learn the basics of customer service including making first (and lasting) impressions, developing positive attitudes, understanding the customer ... and beyond. Stand out from other businesses by providing training to your staff to help the staff display positive body language and to learn to listen to what the customer really wants.

A compilation of the secret shopping (sometimes referred to as mystery shopping) findings will be incorporated into a very interactive staff training. The training will include role play examples, exercises, humorous stories, real life examples and much more. Staff will not only walk away with a personal improvement process but a good feeling about service and the company that they work for.

This training is completely customized and a great opportunity for the management team to have the trainer incorporate any problem areas that are recognized across the board.



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For more information on specific topics, please contact Customer Service and Beyond at dawn@dawnmushill.com



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