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Great Service… ALMOST    Published 2012-01-10

Great Service… ALMOST
I had the opportunity to go into the Dress Barn at the Mills on Christmas Eve.  As I entered, a very nice lady asked if she could help me and I said “I am just looking”.  She continued to straight clothes.  She was dressed perfectly, with a nice outfit, jewelry that matched her outfit very well and a very friendly smile.  I found a shirt that I liked and called her over to ask her if she could help me find my size.  She found my size and asked if I would like to try it on and I said “yes, but let me get some more stuff together” and she quietly went away.  I found a couple other items and she showed me to the dressing room.  My original item had already been placed in a room and then she wrote my name on my door and said “if there is anything else you need, just let me know”.  After I was almost finished trying on items, she came in and said “is there anything I can get for you” and I said “no thanks”.  

As I came out of the dressing room, I noticed her again straightening clothes.  It was great to not see a sales clerk just standing around but actually helping to make the store look even better.  As we continued to look, she smiled and it just felt like the perfect service I could have received so I approached her and said “I am a customer service trainer and I wanted to let you know that I acknowledge service professionals when they exceed my expectations and when they really fall short.  Today you were just perfect and I wanted to give you my card.”  I am not kidding when I tell you that her face completely lit up.  You would have thought I just gave her a million dollars.  She said “oh my goodness, thank you so much, you completely made my day”.  

We chatted for a brief moment and I gave her my card.  She said “my boss is right over there if you wouldn’t mind telling her”.  I said “of course”.  As we approached, her boss was talking with another employee.  The employee tapped her boss on the shoulder and said “excuse me, this lady would like to speak with you”.  I couldn’t believe it.  Her boss kept talking with the other employee.  Finally, she half turned to me and I said “I just wanted to tell you that I am a customer service trainer and today your employee provided fantastic service”.  Are you ready for this – the manager said “okay” and turned back around.  I said “no really, she was fantastic today” and, still only half way turned, said “okay”.  I could tell the employee was completely embarrassed.  

As I walked away I thought “they have the wrong employee in the manager position”.  UGH.

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