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Shopping at A Dollar Store    Published 2012-01-14

Shopping at A Dollar Store
Sometimes the level of service you receive is almost comedic.  I was in a dollar store and was unable to find gift bags.  So, as I approached the counter, two employees were talking back and forth “I don’t want to be here” said one very disgruntled employee.  The other responded “You?  I have been here since 9:00 a.m.”  (By the way, it was only 11:10 a.m.)  They continued to banter back and forth, as I was standing right there.
During mid conversation I said “excuse me, could you tell me where the gift bags are?”  Without missing a beat one of the checkers said “aisle two” and continued her conversation with the other employee, not even looking up at me.
My question is – what should I have said?  I mean, without being rude, I would like the opportunity to say something that alerts the customer service provider as to how they serviced me (or in this case, did not service me) but on the other hand, it would make no sense to get caught up in a disgruntled match.

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