Praise for Dawn Mushill as a Keynote Speaker, Author, & Attitude Changer Improving Customer Service

What a great time we had yesterday Dawn! You were fantastic!! I loved the way you engaged the crowd, made us feel like we were normal, and gave us great suggestions as to how to change our thinking!! Thank you Thank you thank you from the entire COCMA group! Loved it!

Wanda Todoroff
Marketing & Admmissions Coordinator
Eden Village

Thank you for your time yesterday.  Your presentation was fantastic and the team loved it!  You left them thinking about ways to WOW their customers in addition to finding ways to be more present and self-aware.  While I didn’t sing in the mirror this morning, I did wake up with a little more positivity in mind and in my step! Thanks again,

Mandy Lewis
SVP, Chief Deposit Services Officer
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust

Dawn, I couldn’t have enjoyed your time with us more last Thursday.  Listening to your tips, examples and philosophy prompted even greater enthusiasm in my leadership role.  I left feeling on top of  the world, like anything is possible, with a post revival spirit of sorts.  I’ve started following you on Facebook already and look forward to getting your book.  I am a published poet (I know, poetry and banking… :) ) so I read all the time.  I love my work here at this bank and I love anything and everything that promotes positive life/leadership.  Thank you for what you do.  You do it very well and you’ve made quite an impact on this manager.

Barbara Stonaker
Branch Manager
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust

I would highly recommend Dawn Mushill's "Customer Service and Beyond!" program for your public library staff, or any group that would like a refresher for excellent customer service.

We first experienced Dawn's program at an Illinois Library Association Conference where she was one of the keynote speakers. She was able to provide a very lively and inspirational program for a very large group. She was just as effective for our group of 30 public library staff members at the Edwardsville Public Library.

Using anecdotes and video slides- and plenty of humor- Dawn reminds us all what it means to provide wonderful customer service every day in a public organization.

If you're ready to fire up your staff and rekindle motivation, Dawn Mushill provides a great service. We had lots of good feedback from our staff and would highly recommend her.

Susan Carr
Librarian Director
Edwardsville Public Library
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Thanks so much Dawn for the opportunity you gave us to continue to transform our culture to one that appreciates the positive and projects that attitude to those that we work with and serve.  We would highly recommend your program to any organization that is looking for an opportunity to inspire staff towards improving customer experiences.

Kara Jo Carson, CPA, MACC, CHFP
Chief Financial Officer & Compliance Officer
Pinkneyville Hospital

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I highly recommend Dawn to any organization that wishes to take their customer service to the next level. She utilizes real world, common examples to demonstrate concepts in an interactive and fun way. All levels of our organization benefitted from the training.

Pamala L. Funk
Assistant City Administrator
City of O'Fallon
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I have had the pleasure to hear Dawn Mushill at multiple speaking engagements. She has a tremendous amount of energy and passion for excellence in customer service. Her humor and ability to engage the participants creates an entertaining and enlightening program.

Ann Hughes
Library Director
Glen Carbon Centennial Library
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Dawn exemplifies true excellence when it comes to customer service.  She is very captivating and passionate about changing the service industry into one great company one at a time.

Hope Reinneck
Assistant V.P - Operations
FCB Banks
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Her presentation was very well received and in just one morning she not only addressed many issues supervisors encounter everyday, but she gave the team useful solutions.  Every manager left the training motivated and better equipped to supervise their staff.

Kendra Cooper, Human Resources Manger
Central Illinois Blood Bank
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All of us here at the bank particularly appreciate your positive attitude, evaluation skills, friendly but firm guidance, extensive experience with numerous types and sizes of clients and businesses, timely follow up, and especially your effective and entertaining training presentations.

Harry Hutchison, President
National Bank
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The best part of all is that Dawn did reawaken our entire company to the importance of customer service. I have noticed a tremendous difference in how our employees interact with our customers and among themselves. And our customers have also noticed this, which is of course, the most important testament.

I highly recommend any company to consider hiring Dawn Mushill/Customer Service and Beyond to take the company to much higher level of customer service.

Katie Hopkins, Executive Vice President
Truck Centers, Inc.
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Dawn Mushill has conducted customer training at JCH on four different occasions and we are booking her for a return trip. She has helped managers, top performers, and under achievers find ways to be more customer friendly. Her approach is practical, interactive, and full of examples.

We at Jersey Community Hospital highly recommend Dawn to businesses that would like to be more competitive and customer oriented.

Larry Bear, Administrator
Jersey Community Hospital
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From the time that I contacted you through the end of your presentation, you were a true professional. You took all of the ideas that we came up with and put them all together into a presentation that was not only informational but interactive as well. That was no easy feat with an audience of approximately 200 people from all over the State of Illinois!


Thank you for helping to make the 2007 Illinois Federation of Teachers PSRP Conference as success. I would recommend your service to anyone who asks.

Marietta Miller, Field Service Director
Illinois Federation of Teachers
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You held true to your reputation and delivered an energetic and informative presentation to our guests! I have had many compliments on the information that you shared as well as the entertainment that you provided. You have a great talent and it shows. Thank you for meeting my expectations...and "then some!"

Joell Aguirre
Director of Member Services
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As always your presentation on Stress Managemnet was the perfect mix of entertaining us while educating us on how to deal with STRESS.

Kate Baker
Christian HomeCare Services
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On behalf of this IFT, I want to express appreciation for your efforts at the conference and on behalf of IFT PSRPs - the men and women who work in key supporting roles at schools, community colleges, universities and state agencies across Illinois.

In unity,
Gail Purkey, Director of Communications
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I would accss her strenghts as follows :Passion and Enthusiasm, Professionalism, and...Facilitator Skills - Dawn is able to use a variety of instructional strategies and techniques to increase particpant involvement and skill transfer.

Tom Monroe
Director, Customized Training
Southwestern Illinois College
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Dawn represents CTI in a very professional manner and has often referred business to our office.  She has a good sense for business and is always on the lookout for better ways to serve our clients.

Lynette Reinbolt
Director, Center for Training Innovations
Southwestern Illinois College
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Just wanted to let you know that you are receiving RAVE reviews for your training, including several unsolicited comments like:


"That is the best training class I have ever been to"

"She is a great instructor--I really enjoyed the class"

and numerous comments similar to those!


The manager who requested the training has also said the program exceeded his expectation and really met their training needs. Everyone is very pleased!

Stella M. Spalt, Director, Center for Workforce Training
Lewis and Clark Community College
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You kept the attention and interest in our guests throughout your presentation.  Your guest participation was great.  The way you get your audience into "your" vision is incredible.  You left my guests motivated and ready to do their jobs.  Thank you.


Joell Aguirre
Director of Member Services
The Growth Association of Southwestern Illinois
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Your remarks triggerd ideas that will benefit our company for years to come.  We have already begun to implement some or your suggestions and are confident they will improve our customer service.  By any measure you are an effective speaker and educator.  We highly recommend your services to any business that values their customer service.


Debbie Brauer
Business Development/Marketing Director
Collision Plus Inc.
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The manager that requested the training also told Kathy that the program exceeded his expectations and really met thier trainng needs. 

Everyone is very pleased!  Thank you for being such a wonderful representative of LCCC--we need to expand your talent to more of our training programs in the future.

Stella M. Spalt, Director

Center for Workforce Training

Lewis and Clark Community College
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Dawn has taught time management, organizational skills, customer service, and conflict management to members of our staff and the evaluation forms all indicated that our employees learned practical ideas that they could implement immediately.

As a trainer, Dawn interacts with each person and keeps the entire class involved through her unique teaching style and role playing.  We have the opportunity to help plan the training agenda and we were able to work with Dawn to suggest special attention for employees that require more assistance.

Mary Ann Gould
Client Services Manager
J.W. Terrill
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